The following are age related laws and regulations regarding the operation of snowmobiles in New Hampshire.  This is not a complete list and while we work to ensure this information is up to date, law changes from year to year may slip by us.  We encourage you to visit the state website (link below) for a complete list. 


  • Must wear eye protection.
  • Operator and passengers must wear helmet.
  • Cannot cross roads or operate within the right of way.
  • Can only operate on land owned or leased by a legal guardian.
  • Can operate off own land only if accompanied by a
  • licensed adult over the age of 18.

AGES 12 to 17

  • Operators must wear eye protection.
  • Operators and passengers must wear a helmet.
  • Can operate off own land if a safety course has been completed, or if the operator possesses a valid driver’s license, or if the operator is accompanied by a licensed adult.


  • Must possess valid driver’s license or a Safety Certificate.

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