• Make lodging reservations before heading out.  As a general rule, the further north you go, the higher the rates will be and the odds of not having a room increase. In northern parts of the state, plan on lodging establishments requiring a two night minimum stay on weekends.
  • Bring a polarizing filter for your camera. It will help bring the colors to life and help you get photos that will be suitable for National Geographic.
  • Do your viewing midweek, if possible.  There will be fewer people around so you will be able to slow down and relax a little more.
  • Don't worry yourself about hitting the roads at the time of "peak" foliage.  Peak is a matter of opinion, and it can vary greatly even over short distances due to microclimates found around lakes and mountains.
  • When taking pictures, morning and late afternoon light often yields good results.  Always remember to keep the sun behind you, unless a silhouette is what your aiming for.
  • Don't let overcast days get you down, indirect light on an overcast day will often allow colors to show up clearer.
  • For pictures and video, try to get closer to what your filming rather than zooming in.  If you must zoom, use only optical zoom, avoid digital.  Digital zooming can destroy finer details in images.
  • Don't overcrowd your photos.  When taking a picture, go for a lone standing maple, rather than taking nothing but huge wide panoramas. Wide shots of forests tend to all look the same.
  • When driving around at dawn or dusk, respect the Moose Crossing signs, as they are there for a good reason. A moose can weigh nearly a half ton, and you don't want that coming through your windshield.
  • Take your time rather than trying to cover the most number of miles possible.
  • Take a hike up Mt. Major or one of the other nearby trails in the Lakes Region to get a firsthand view of foliage from above the trees.  Mt. Major has a great open rocky summit which allows you to gaze out over the lake.  More info.
  • Try not to view all the foliage from your car! Get out and experience it by walking through the woods and enjoying the autumn breezes.
  • Never stop on the roads for a photo, no matter how off the beaten path and quiet it may seem.
  • Try viewing the foliage early in the morning and then again later in the evening, instead of just the afternoon.  The difference caused by the warm glow of the rising or setting sun can really be amazing.


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